23 thoughts on “Nailed it”

  1. The teeth have always been that look, but the chimney hat adds so much flavour. Next Pokemon is set in the pokemon version of the UK where industrialization started. The hat looks like the victorian fashion of the time, looks like the factories of the time and fits the original Pokemons design.

  2. Interesting bit of Info the white smoke that comes out of the Chimney/Tophat actually is Purified air according to Pokemon.com

  3. Not sure why, but Gamefreak really seem to LOVE putting human hair on pokemon. Mustache on weezing, a beard on golem, fabio hair on dugtrio. Like, it’s funny, but they don’t exactly look very good.

  4. I want to be the most British, like no one ever was. To drink tea is my quest, to eat fish and chips is my cauuuuuseee 🎵

  5. I feel like I’d realized how stupid the chimney stack look was earlier, but for some reason I never even noticed the smog beard/mustache? Please don’t tell me that that’s the official look….

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