22 thoughts on “NBA 2K20 is plagued with issues and taking a hammering on Steam”

  1. the game could literally rape your whole family in front of you and people would still return to it. I have no sympathy for anyone with the most vague interest in the title

  2. 28K peak players today just on Steam for a type of game that has always been more popular on console anyway. Don’t think the negative reviews are going to hurt it much.

  3. we all know that sports games are the epicenter of bad business practices. Sports gamers are dumb and will accept shitty forms of microtransactions (the fact they buy the same game every single year is proof of that)

    EA uses Sports games to test out their most hideous shit, and when there is a backlash, they scale it back and put it out on other games.

    They keep refining and widdling things down until it becomes common practice.

  4. This game is literally half sports and half gambling/casino simulator. You need to dump thousands to construct the ‘dream’ team, and you play slot machines and plinko until you achieve this.
    It is honestly very scary to think that people actually drop more money into a $60 game to the point where developers continue these predatory practises.

    Oh, and the worst thing? This gambling game is rated pegi 3. Hah!!

  5. My thing with these yearly sports games like Madden and NBA 2k that I see very few people talk about, they want you to buy microtransactions and all this bullshit yet none of it carries over to the next year? There’s no fucking wonder they make all this money from it, people are buying these micros and then they’re buying the game the very next year and buy microtransactions ALL OVER AGAIN.

    Edit: And most of the actual thumbs up reviews on Steam are also shitting on the game lmao.

  6. > Overwhelmingly negative reviews

    > Nearly 30k players currently playing

    Gamers are the worst types of consumers out there, same shit happened with the previous title it was reviewed low so hard yet people just keep buying the damn game. Why should 2k give a shit about quality when there’s no shortage of idiots willing to part with their money?

  7. The problem is that one little spoiled rich kid spends more money on game in micro transactions than 500 people buying the game. This is why it continues.

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