I’m doing some research for shipping my pc to my new place on the other side of the country, and I’m wondering what the best course of action is.

From what I’ve read you should remove the gpu and ship separately to keep it safe, but what I’m wondering is what goes in the case with the rest of the parts.

Should I use packing peanuts? Bubble tape? I read that expanding foam is good but sometimes questionable since they can have chemicals on it that could effect the pc.

Any help and advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Need some advice on shipping a PC cross country.”

  1. I received a tower from AVADirect and they double boxed, used peanuts, and used the expanding foam inside the tower (no components separated). I’ve had them ship me a PC this way twice, and once the foam bag did tear and spill onto the sound card. No lasting damage, but I can understand your apprehension.

    If I were to do this myself, I’d probably remove any easily removable components like RAM, sound card, GPU, network card, etc. and place them in individual boxes. Make sure everything is marked fragile and insured.

    BUT, I wouldn’t do this myself: you could have FedEx or UPS pack it themselves. I’d surmise it’s ~$50 for them to pack it, but if it gets damaged, the cost is on them since they packed it.

    If you do pack it yourself, buy the insurance for sure. It will only be ~$20-30 extra and that’s nothing compared to the cost of a new MoBo or GPU.

    So you’re looking at about a range of $120 – $150 to ship it across the country, worry-free IMO.

  2. I’d just remove anything that wobbles (mainly CPU heatsink and GPU) and leave it at that. I wouldn’t want any bits of detritus falling off any padding you’d put in getting in the PCI-E slots, or conductive material stuff getting on any of the circuit traces.

    I’d probably take any HDD out to transport with me personally as well, in case of any high g-force shocks.

  3. I relocate to different countries and have flown with my PC a few times. What I do is leave behind or sell my tower, individually wrap each component in clothing/towels that I am taking with me and then buy a new tower when I get to my new location. Never had a problem doing this nor has anything broke. Even did this with a monitor before. So depending on if you are flying, this is an option for you as well and has worked for me.

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