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New Beta UI for []( Client…gotta say its not that bad

Edit: friends list is annoying as shit cause who uses friends on…


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12 thoughts on “New UI”

  1. I like the old launcher, the new one just is cognitive overload, piling the page with news and other shit which nobody cares, The play button is downplayed, region select is down played. The news also causes delays and loads for eons. Can’t even click the play button until it loads, the older launcher is faster and functional.

  2. i love the new look to be honest, also nice to have them able to fit more news on the screen instead of having a constantly rotating single thing


    it also loads much quicker for me at least, it seems they did some optimization work on the launcher

  3. is it still showing games i do not own or care about with the icons up there?

    like, i own Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3, but it also shows me all that other stuff like World of Warcraft which i will never touch.

    And the really silly thing is that i have old games like Starcraft 1 and WarCraft 3 on my account but they do not show these old games in the app at all, i need to go to the website to download an olschool installer.

    I mean i got the remaster by now but… that always bugged me about the launcher that i have games that aren’t displayed and that i get to see games all the time that i don’t have or want.

    yeah, yeah total nit pick, no one cares.

  4. I like it, it’s nice and clear and it’s finally possible to hide all the games you don’t own or care about. The only nitpick I have are the popping animations when switching between games, ideally I’d like to have them off and information shown instantly.

  5. > friends list is annoying as shit cause who uses friends on…

    How is it annoying? It’s integrated into the launcher now. Having it as a pop out made no sense.

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