I would be lying if I said that they are not tempting me by doing the following things:


A) Going back to Modern Warfare.

B) Selling it as a “mature” title.

C) Making it more “realistic”

D) Playing with my emotions from college by trying to recreate those emotions with better graphics.

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18 thoughts on “New COD…Thoughts”

  1. I had all but completely given up on COD, but I am really liking what I’m seeing and hearing about this one. Just hope it all pans out.

  2. As long as the PC port isn’t awful even though it’s gonna be on battle.net I’ll buy it early in release

  3. Honestly I’m just done with CoD. $60 game, tons of micro transactions, usually a season pass also (I know the new one isn’t supposed to have one tho) but I’m just sick and tired of feeling ripped off when I buy a full priced game and still have a temptation to purchase things like a battle pass, loot boxes, etc. I went back to csgo as my main multi-player game and at least if I buy a skin in that game and later decide that I don’t want it anymore I can just resell it on the steam market.

  4. COD hasn’t been realistic since 2

    Realism makes games worse anyway we could have gotten more awesome space war dramas but nooooo we gotta go back to the 90s shoot the brown people and Russians while America saves the day.

    The sad thing the least original COD will probably save the franchise since the COD fanbase hates creativity and change

  5. It really bugs me that they are calling it the exact same name as a previous game. Is a unique name THAT hard to come up with these days?

    To be fair it really bugged me when Dice/EA did it with Star Wars Battlefront as well.

  6. Just the same shit once again, same game feel, same drop of support after release, release the “new” one, rinse and repeat. Waste of money and time.

  7. Is it that time of year already? Seems like just yesterday everyone was excited for the last CoD and hoping it would be the one to turn things around. Maybe this year will be it lol. If not, there’s always next year’s CoD.

  8. If I buy the PC version on battle.net, would I be able to play online multiplayer with players playing on Xbox?

  9. Interested to see more of the new engine.

    Hopeful that we’ll see the return of a decent campaign.

    Honestly, I would love to see IW really flip the script and go for a weightier feel, similar to how movement feels in Battlefield.

  10. >B) Selling it as a “mature” title.

    >C) Making it more “realistic”

    In b4 neon skins and butt dancing emotes are sold and widely used two months after launch with unicorn horn sticking out if their heads.

  11. The major points they are trying to sell are ones i like. It makes me feel naustalgic and excited. Though as it stands im not going to invest in it if there are stupid dances, neon guns and skins and the main characteristic of every character is “im an edgy merc whos dysfunctional at best and loyal to nothing but bling”.

    Im sold on a more grounded experience with call of duty gameplay mechanics, and feel annoyed at the number of clown fiesta whacky arcade run and gun games that now dominate the genre.

  12. Campaigns are usually good with CoDs.
    It’s the MP I’m worried about.
    I thought BO4 was good, then I started to get bored after 2 months. There hasn’t been a COD since AW where I’ve played the MP part for more than 3 months.

    Hopefully it’s good. I really want it to be good.

  13. Remake of a remaster from a couple years ago… I have no idea how people keep falling for this bullshit. People will hate this game after the first week

  14. If this genuinely does have a brand new engine, good campaign, and good gameplay I’ll pick it up for 10$ in 4 years.

  15. a) ok

    b) nope there will be over the top skins (look at latest BO4 trailer released yesterday)

    c) nope COD multiplayer is not even R in word realistic

    d) that’s the goal

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