8 thoughts on “New Hotel/Resort Tycoon Game!”

  1. Looks nice. Will buy it if the price is right. The trailer isn’t very good, you can see there’s no variety in ai, same models appear on the screen multiple times. Will wait for a fix and see what reviews it’ll get.

  2. Hotels require an insane amount of coordination that most people don’t even realize. Firstly you need to clean every single room every single day in a timely manner, it has to be after people have left for the day and before they come home, or else they get grumpy. Some also allow their guests to request cleaning whenever needed, so there constantly needs to be cleaning staff ready. Room service is also demanding as you need to have large stocks of snacks, drinks and some have a kitchen ready. They also need to be quick to clean a room after one customer leaves and they have another one coming in a few hours. People can really fuck up a hotel room, and the staff needs to be ready to make it look spotless regardless. Billing guests for extra services rendered (room service, snack bar, etc) also needs to be calculated when the guests checks outs. Some hotels have sensors to check the minibar, others require manual checking. If you have 20+ people checking out at the same time this can take a ton of manpower. Hotels with restaurants, bars, clubs, pools, conference rooms, sports complex, casino or live shows also need to add all the hassle of organizing that on top of the hotel itself. Good hotels find ways to synergize all this, its how most of the top chains became the leaders they are today.

    Its a surprisingly interesting puzzle. From the look of this games’ [Kickstarter page](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bastion-interactive/hotel-magnate?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=hotel%20magnate) it doesn’t really look like they are making that deep of a simulation. They say you can add stuff like a casino, restaurant and al that but it seems to mostly just give a +attractiveness to certain customer types. They brag about you being able to make “a sleazy roadside hotel, a big city hotel or a seaside resort” but it mostly just looks like background dressing. Roadside hotels charge people by the hour and have to do everything to keep prices down as they don’t make much. Inner city hotels often specialize in being luxurious, as such they need to have a ton of cleaning staff ready. They also almost always have an upscale restaurant and bar, sometimes even a rooftop club. Seaside hotels are often either family friendly, and have pools and buffets so they don’t have good chefs but instead a lot of them, or cater to young adults with free bars so they need to have a lot of bartenders and security. All of them have very different business models, and I doubt this games accounts for most of that.

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