35 thoughts on “New PC announcements at Microsoft E3”

  1. Xbox is gonna be a big show this year. Really excited to see what their cloud product will look like and dying for some more Outer Worlds gameplay

  2. I’m more excited for the Microsoft show than I am for the PC Gaming show this year. Bring on the goodies, Microsoft!

  3. YES!, imagine fable collection coming to PC, or the gears of war collection. Oh damn this year is going to be a huge e3.

  4. Considering we can expect every first party game to also come out on PC it figures they will have quite a few PC announcements.

  5. A really long shot but hear me out.

    Game pass for PC could work on Steam too, link an XBL account to Steam and you can play them through there?

    Maybe cross play for all game pass games? I’m hoping for too much I realise….

  6. Gimme an official Xbox/Xbox 360 emulator for PC and Microsoft will win my heart.

    A man can dream, regardless of how impossible it might be.

  7. I am kinda of excited for the xbox game pass for PC. Idk what it is exactly, but I’d be much more interested in it rather an EA subscription. Hopefully the games will be good and plentiful.

  8. I believe they will reveal Age of Empires 4 content. Some more PC and Xbox games with crossplay, and Halo infinite stuff.

    What i would love to see would be x360 compatibility brought to windows 10

    Epic will probably try to counter pretty hard with some exclusivities i believe, i dont doubt RDR2 will be there as an epic exclusive.

    Ms war with epic on PC is going to be great, specially with MS supporting steam.

  9. “We’re excited to announce that Microsoft will be focusing entirely on PC gaming from now on.”

    *crowd goes insane*

    “Thank you! BTW, here’s the new X Box One Two X 360!”

  10. I want one thing from Microsoft. Announce Ori and the Will of the Wisps release date, have a PC version for it, have it on Steam or GOG or both.

  11. If Microsoft puts all the Halo games on Steam and allows me to play them without upgrading to W10 I will begin throwing money at my screen now.

  12. All I want is for them to somehow allow for the ability to buy past games through them on PC. I know it wont happen though.

  13. I’d love for the Xbox store to expand to PC. I know some games are cross play but everything being one store over two platforms would be great, and an actual bit of competition to steam if done right.

  14. I’m hoping that any Windows 10 based PC can act as the new console and will play games directly from a new Xbox disc/download from Xbox Live.

  15. All this positive Microsoft hype has kinda passed me by because I don’t have much interest in their big franchises like Halo or Gears. I’m hoping for some announcements from Ninja Theory, Obsidian, or Compulsion though.

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