4 thoughts on “New Steam Update”

  1. There was a solution in /r/Steam that involved downgrading some files and making the read only. Search for it.

    But there is no other or official way.

  2. Not permanently. All solutions are delaying the inevitable. You can download the old files from “some guy” and make them read only. That’s short term. Slightly longer term is using the mini games list. But you’ll still have to deal with the disk bloat from librarycache images and the ram bloat from chromium. The only hope is Valve manages to fix the shit that is blatantly horrific about it before those options are removed.

    I went nuclear by adding

    -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist

    to my steam shortcut target. Uses 70mb ram. Not that it matters, I have 32GB, but 1.5GB of ram for a fucking game library is so pants on head retarded I’m not letting it happen on principle.

    using no-browser means the store/community/new library within the client won’t work. You can’t uninstall games anymore when you use those options – it must be done through the new library.

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