48 thoughts on “New to Dark Souls and just found out this is a viable strategy”

  1. I effing love the caestuses. It’s the stupidest weapon in dark souls and I’m maining them on my current run. The abyss watchers are where I’m currently at.

  2. You’re gonna want to learn how to dodge and parry for bosses, trying to tank through everything is a sure fire way to get you killed. If you like dishing out lots of damage and stunning I’d recommend going UGS (Ultra GreatSword), I loved them and 100% the game with them. Personally used FUGS, would occasionally swap to Smough’s Hammer or another insanely heavy weapon

  3. I’m remembering a friend of mine who wore full Havel’s in DS2 in PvP and would only use fist weapons. It was hilarious to watch him beat someone down and corner them, normally won too.

  4. Perserverance is one of the best weapon arts IMO. Try out the Mace, has the same WA but more range. I’ve spanked more ganks than I can count with this.

  5. On my second play through I went with the caestus and it is a lot of fun. I believe I’m coming up on Lothric which might be a pain. My hardest boss so far was Pontiff, the man hits real hard.

    Large groups are tough to deal with since you can only attack one at a time, but the added challenge is worth it. I’m not excited for The Nameless King though.

  6. Love to see a speed run of, all games, no deaths allowed, punching only. Pure Doom berserker mode.

  7. haven’t played dark souls, can someone suggest which game i should start with?
    mods required like skyrim or optional like sekiro?

  8. I miss dark souls 2 for when you had one in both hands. Made a crazy fast jab that just destroyed everything. Miss those sweet stance combos. Three was just too slow.

  9. Now do souls level one, no estus, fists only.

    TBH, someone’s already done this. And that person is literally insane.

  10. Good! Keep going with this absolute Mad Lad mindset and strategy, and you’ll reach the top in no time!

    Also, if you’re looking for glory in PvP, just use your current build and you’re a god. Don’t be scared to join in because it’s really not as daunting as it seems. Start invading or just getting involved around the cleansing chapel area to break that stigma (that other players are always just gonna destroy you) and you’re good to go! Hope I get to battle you at some point to see how improved you get!

  11. You’ll find that you can cheese basically everything in every Souls game. The series is a lot more adaptable than people suggest. Now, once you go PvP that might be different. But you’ll also eat noobs so your experience is bound to be mostly good almost no matter what you do.

  12. We upgrade weapons we don’t need.

    With souls we don’t have.

    To impress invaders we don’t like.

    And that was the story of how I met Sir Tyler of Durden…

  13. Welcome to this dark world, Ashen One. You must bring the ember back into our world wielding the weapon of the ancient ancestors before you.

    *These Hands added to your inventory*

  14. I did this the entirety of Earthen Peak and Harvest Valley in Dark Souls 2 with Powerstanced Caestus so I don’t have to deal with the enemies for long. The L2 has amazing poise breaking abilities.

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