49 thoughts on “Nico from Devil May Cry 5 cosplay by Kay Bear”

  1. That’s wicked. But it kind of bugs me that the gun tattoo on her leg is the wrong direction. Seems like an odd thing to overlook. Maybe it’s on purpose?

  2. 7/10, if you want the other three points you’re gonna need to ramp and 360 a van while smoking a cigarette.

  3. Is Nico a girls name? I think I’m being lied too I’m a dude and my name is spelled the exact same way.

  4. Don’t all those piercings get uncomfortable? Honestly asking, as my coworkers with similar piercings constantly complain about ‘em.

  5. Japan must really have a thing for mechanics in shorts, the clothes she’s wearing are almost the same ones as that girl from final fantasy XV


    i’m not complaining


    edit: im stupid

  6. What a coincidence, I literally just started playing DMC5 a couple hours ago. Really like what I’ve played so far!

  7. On a side note, what even is OP account? It almost seem like a bot spamming multiple subreddit with post. Most of them being deleted because of rules.

    Random ass karma generator.

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