25 thoughts on “Nintendo be like (I don’t remember where I saw this, if you made this PM me)”

  1. I feel the 360 controller was the best one out of the Microsoft line. The Xbone one’s bumpers are so fiddly when used by a game to hold down like MGSV, and the Duke was just silly. The gamecube controller was the best in recent Nintendo consoles and keeps reappearing with each Smash bros release.

    PlayStation is overall champion because it’s survived four generations without change because it doesn’t need any.

  2. The original PlayStation controller didn’t come with Analog joysticks. You had to buy that as a “premium version” later on.

  3. So…

    This picture leaves out the original PS1 controller

    But then also shows the original Xbox controller instead of its remake.

  4. Wait, someone edited this to add the additional Nintendo controllers but still can’t add the original PlayStation controller or the “was going to be” PS3 boomerang or the Move controller?

  5. Nintendo *kinda* went back to their NES/SNES days with the new button layout. The pro controller is the best controller they’ve made in ~~years~~ decades.

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