No Man's Sky's Sean Murray explains why it's best for Anthem and Fallout 76's developers to stay silent after launch

No Man’s Sky’s Sean Murray explains why it’s best for Anthem and Fallout 76’s developers to stay silent after launch

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42 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky’s Sean Murray explains why it’s best for Anthem and Fallout 76’s developers to stay silent after launch”

  1. Only, only if they are sincerely going to work their asses off to fix the content and even then, someone in PR better say that and mean it.

  2. Yah if you avoid putting your foot in your mouth you just have to wait for fanboys to come to your defense.

  3. Well, at least the game eventually turned out good. I don’t see that for Anthem or Fallout 76.

  4. The key is to 1. Don’t be a dick to people that are mad at you already and 2. Actually make the game significantly better.

  5. Lier tells other liers to at least shut their mouths after releasing the lie because people is not as dumb as they are/think.

  6. Murray said: “*I sat down so many times and wrote the perfect blog post that was going to explain everything about the game’s development, and the road map going ahead. But I could see that it didn’t hold credibility with regards to where we were at*.”

    This can’t be overstated. It doesn’t matter if EA or Bethesda state that “they are working on improving the game” because very few actually trust their words at this point. The only way to redeem your over hyped husk of a game is to actually improve it instead of just talking about improving it.

  7. The best that could be done is delete the data and move forward.

    Admittedly, ***at least*** Sean’s game had moderately mindbogglingly tolerable content.

  8. this dude straight up fucking lied about the features in the game, then got a bunch of money and released a shit game, the fact that its apparently an ok game now makes this behaviour acceptable?

  9. We need to explain them that a 60€ video game need to be finished at launch, that’s all.

    We want finished product. Not live services were the store wants to take all of your wallet every month.

  10. This is the same reason that we’ve heard nothing about Artifact since they supposedly started revamping it.

    You’re way better off doing things like that off the grid and let your work do the talk then promise things and make people even more upset.

  11. I am hoping the wastelanders update makes FO76 at least passable as a game. It adds a lot I was hoping for. I already own the game (unfortunately) so when it drops the free update i’ll pop back in to see how it is. I really, really, really want it to be good but I know the core gameplay is going to be the same

  12. No one should be taking advice from this gooch. How about you dont lie to consumers and dont release a shit game. Problem fn solved.

  13. Personally I found his silence after the release to be totally infuriating.


    I did feel a little sorry for him just because of the pure hatred pointed in his direction, but he done fucked up and should have acknowledged it sooner.

  14. Sean Murray, one of the biggest scammers in video game history, who until this day has never found his balls to actually verbally apologize for his moutain of lies and deceit, has the audacity to give life advice to other developers who have followed in his footsteps of overpromising and underdelivering.

    Now I’ve really seen it all, the video game industry has finally reached peak hypocrisy.

    With all due respect, Mr. Murray, go eat a bag of dicks.

  15. Its best for developers to NOT OUTRIGHT LIE before release (okay, its good for devs to lie, bad for customers). People were only pissed at Sean Murray BECAUSE of the high expectations that he himself said that we were getting. Nobody would give 2 shits about the state of No Man’s Sky had the devs not literally lied through the teeth about what was going to be in the game at launch and instead had said “we want to add X Y Z after launch”. But yeah, doing that doesnt get you that instant cash at the start does it so you can continue development..

  16. And his opinion on this is relevant why exactly? All he’s proven he knows how to do is to execute a good idea in a way that makes everyone hate you.

    I mean I guess someone who has crashed a company into the ground might have some insight on how to not be as shit as them…but is that a reason to give this test a voice on the subject?

    You might as well take legal advice from Enron.

  17. The Sean Murray playbook that everyone in the industry adopted or already knew;

    1. Lie as much as humanly possible about your game and/or hype it up beyond belief.

    2. Release a broken/unfinished game.

    3. Gullible gamers will give you tons of money.

    4. Go silent when the backlash hits. If you make enough money and you feel like finishing the game you promised, go for it.

    5. Gullible fucking gamers will sing your praises if you ‘continue to support it post launch’ and eventually deliver even parts of what you originally promised.

    Sean Murray is a snake but I would put a lot of blame on the customers who keep letting this happen. Started all the way back with Diablo 3 and then Battlefield 4, Destiny (twice), AC Unity, Simcity, Halo MCC, Batman Arkham Knight on PC and probably more I’ve forgotten. And it’s currently going on with Fallout 76 and Anthem.

    Stupid consumers with no ability for pattern recognition deserve what they get really.

  18. Because that way you can get away with pulling that shit an idiots will even defend you for delivering what was promised 2 years later.

    Devs that pull a no man’s sky should never be given a chance. Yet gamers have the shortest memory.

  19. While he does have a point about not shoving your foot in your mouth, it’s better to at least acknowledge that you see the criticism and are working to remedy cause radio silence looks like you’ve made your money and are running with it. Moreover, it’s sort of fucked up that no one’s saying “Don’t release your game in a shit state that needs tons of work”. I don’t give a shit what your game may be someday if it’s shit when it releases.

  20. I always find the reactions to Sean Murray interesting. Like, did people ever actually believe him? I always saw him as kind of a spaz who never seemed to understand exactly what was in his game or what was even possible. Very similar to Peter Molyneux. And, to some degree, the same as any number of statements about many games before they come out. The finished product as often not what is described. That’s why you wait to see what it actually is before you buy it.

    So, I was never particular shocked when what NMS was when it actually launched. It was always pretty clear that it was a pretty simple game with randomly generated content. Like, did people who follow games actually think Sean was going to deliver on what he said?

    I don’t know, I just ignored it. So, I’ve never really had bad feelings about him. He obviously should not be doing PR for anybody. He seems incapable of not getting carried away with what he *wants* a game to be instead of what it is. I guess I just assume that most PR for games are basically lies, and I assumed everyone else did too.


    I also don’t see how any of this would affect my decision to buy the game. I haven’t yet, because it’s still expensive compared to other things that are on sale. But I have no problem doing so whenever it gets cheap enough. I really don’t care that he’s a liar. If it’s a good game, I want to play it.

  21. or, don’t preorder games and skip all the false expectations and hype. Wait for solid reviews from trusted sources.

  22. It’s all about actions, not words. I hear some people talk about how the developers and community support people don’t have open communication, but often the real problem is they don’t have much to say because their development team can’t give the community what it wants anywhere quickly enough.

    Transparency and openness don’t mean much if all you are communicating “it might get better years from now and we can’t even promise that”.

  23. I can’t believe that not only these devs try to pass these bad launches as something that “happened to them”, but that people actually believe it.

    They knew what state these games were in before launch. They deliberately put out faulty products. Whatever step 1 is after launch, step 0 would be to just not release garbage. They set their own release dates they couldn’t keep. They decided to lie and lie.

    Before you claim that its impossible to deliver something that doesn’t get a reaction like this, look and The Division 2. It’s a massive open world loot shooter that released in a great state and is a joy to play. Only months after release and after new content did people atart complaining, and Ubisoft has done a good job listening.

    Its nice that Sean released a ton of updates for NMS, and it does feel like he is in a way sorry for the launch, but the fucker lied about a ton of features. NMS has become a joy to play but it still isn’t really what was promised. They discovered they couldn’t deliver what they promised and instead added a ton of stuff that they could develop.

  24. Ahhh the man who discovered the solution to release game broken and be forgiven for it. Finally someone normalized “buy today and maybe you will have fun in two years” model.

  25. Sean, for you it would have been best to just shut up pre-launch, mid-launch AND post launch. I’m not sure you’re in the best position to give advise here, when staying silent at any point seems to work best for you and your compulsively lying face.

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