45 thoughts on “Not even acts of God will stop me”

  1. this reminds me of being down to 2 alive in battlegrounds and im super sweaty hiding behind a hay bale listening and looking for the enemy. wife texts me for sex. oh shit. so i run out into the open leeeeroy jaaaankins and see the other guy and obliterate him, win, and then the sex. great day. he was a streamer too so it was immortalized for a few days.

  2. “My stream follower count will increase SO MUCH if I die in a tornado whilst beating someone at Starcraft, mom!”

  3. You must live in the Milwaukee area. We had a tornado warning the other day at 10 p.m.. Cats were packed in their carrier and we were almost about to go downstairs before they called it off at 10:15. The wind and rain were interesting to watch out my front windows.

  4. This reminds me of a time my friends and I were playing an online game of Mario Kart. During a race a 3-4.0 earthquake started happening and some of us dropped our controllers in surprise. Others though instead of worrying about the earthquake decided to continue playing through the shaking.

    The ones that dropped their controllers were like HELLLL NO and promptly picked up their controllers to continue the race.

    Mario Kart can get very competitive at times.

  5. As someone that lives in Tornado alley I can verify that has happened and will happen again.

    Tornado sirens blaring means the Tornado isn’t near by or the sirens would have been blown away already.

  6. Yeah this sums up my time in kc. People would take out their trash with Tornado sirens going off. Just another day

  7. One time I was playing rainbow six and my brother came into my room and asked “should there be water in the kitchen? Because there’s a lot of water in the kitchen”

    I hopped in all chat and said “I think my house is flooding” I was told I better finish the match to which I replied “of course”

    We went to 3 rounds of OT and lost.

  8. I was once playing a game and it got super crazy outside. I remember thinking it was really coming down. I finished my game and when I switched back to the TV the news was on and covering a tornado that destroyed an apartment complex a few blocks away.

  9. I was playing a game with a guy and asked him if he had a fan on or something cause the loud static in the background.

    He said there was a tornado warning and of course it had to happen while he was gaming.

    Few minutes later he lost connection and left game.

  10. If this wasn’t ios I’d be tripping ballsacks right now wondering if my mom actually posted this. Been a few years but 100% had this exact convo.

  11. Was a taphouse having a few beers before going on a beer tour. All of a sudden everyone’s phone started beeping that there was a tornado warning. The warning sirens started to go off in the town. The pub said they were postponing the tour (actual brewery was a bus ride down a few blocks). They said they would keep serving beer in the meantime. Everyone just went back to their drinking and chatting with no fucks given.

    I remember there was one lady who was alarmed and was looking around in shock like she was in bizzaro world. She could not make sense that nobody gave a shit and their main concern was access to beer.

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