26 thoughts on “Not everyone is perfect”

  1. I was listening to a podcast where a comedian made a very funny observation “I’m doing my best!” is never the sign that things are going well…

  2. Seriously though. More often than not, so long as someone is trying (and god forbid I forgot to go into a warframe spy mission solo, taking their time if necessary), I don’t really care how well you’re doing.

    AFK-ers on the other hand.

  3. Sometimes all I ask for is a bit of effort. If you’re playing poorly, but you’re at least playing your best, then you’re already ahead of the guy that is fucking around with the intent to fuck around.

  4. this is how i reply to people when they complain that im sucking it up.
    i cant get better just because youre mad at me for being bad man, im just tryin to enjoy the game 🙁

  5. If someone tries to call you trash, just remind them that the matchmaking system doesn’t think much differently of their skill.

  6. The worst part about multiplayer gaming is that people take one bad game, or one mistake in game, and craft a narrative about how you paid for your account and you’re garbage.

    People forget that every moment in life is not a perfect representation of the path you took to get there.

  7. Wow, I’m pretty sure this is actually me (Moose). It’s a game of Overwatch from maybe 4-5 months ago. Me and my friend had just started playing again after a long hiatus. I don’t remember if our ELO rating was higher than it should’ve been but we clearly met better players. Also, if I’m not mistaken, I think we actually turned the game around and won in the end. We talked some more and OP was apologizing.I guess I thought it was the most honest response rather than starting the flaming war it so often turns into. Goes to show how important teamwork and gaming mentality is. It might not matter every time but sometimes it’s all that is needed.

  8. I’m an older guy, and I have nerve damage in my hand that can make some games just a tiny bit harder. I’m not great, but I do get better as I go.

    I was playing Gambit in Destiny 2 for the first time, and did OK but not fantastic. I got a message from a team mate saying “stick to PVE dude. You suck”

    I replied that I was doing my best and to check back with me in a few days to see how much better I was.

    Guy replied like a minute later and apologized and invited me into a chat to give me some tips. He showed me the maps and helped me for like an hour. By the end of the hour I’d way more than doubled my score and we still play together three months later.

  9. If you want to be successful in competitive multiplayer games blame everything on yourself. You have to think, could the best player in the world win this game and carry these chimps? The answer is typically yes. So why can’t you? Because you too are a chimp. Start blaming everything on yourself and you will climb faster than you had in mind

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