33 thoughts on “Nurse Joy cosplay by Tniwe (Pokemon)”

  1. Neckbeards are gonna defend this cosplay but…

    Nurse Joy does not show cleavage.

    I hate sexualized characters. Its not accurate.

  2. The comments in here are so, so much worse than you can ever imagine. It’s too late for me, but you can still save yourself. Turn back now.

  3. Why is it if someone in r/gaming says anything remotely negative about cosplay they’re automatically an incel? That’s fairly lame. That’s like calling everyone that disagrees with you about anything a nazi.

  4. Does this sub even have moderators? These cosplay posts are at the furthest outlier from what can even be tangentially considered “gaming.”

    Will this EVER stop?

  5. Ah right, the classic Nurse Joy outfit, showing off massive cleavage. The very same outfit which has been in more episodes of Pokémon than I can remember.

    This is a Halloween outfit, not cosplay. (Edit: and I say that as someone who dressed as a slutty Bowser for a Halloween bar crawl a couple of years ago. If Mean Girls taught us anything, it’s that Halloween is the time for a sexualized costume).

  6. Except Nurse Joy wasn’t showing her cleavage because she was a fictional character and doesn’t require as much attention as this girl 💀

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