6 thoughts on “Nvidia’s bringing HDMI 2.1 VRR support to its RTX 20 Series GPUs – G-Sync is coming to TVs”

  1. Fucking finally. I’m a couch gamer and it’s a nightmare trying to find something that will do 4k with all the bells and whistles.

    Looks like I’ll finally be able to pick up a 4k hdr, gsync 120 fps monster.

    Discounting nvidias large format gsync TVs though, not willing to pay 5k for a TV!

  2. Some things to keep in mind

    * RTX 20xx only which are also HDMI 2.0 only.
    * LG’s VRR range is 40-120Hz at 1080p, 1440p, 2160p (4K).
    * However to use that full 40-120Hz at 4K requires a HDMI 2.1 port of which there are no GPU’s on the market.
    * So with an RTX the best you can get is 1440p@120Hz output VRR 40-120Hz or 2160p@60Hz output with VRR 40-60Hz.

    LG’s PC mode for correct RGB 444 output is applied by renaming the input label to PC on the TV, you can apply it to the game mode or other picture modes.

    OLED’s are amazing displays but require responsible ownership especially with PC’s due to the large number of static elements in desktop OS, vary your content, don’t play same game over and over in 7+ hour sessions. If you have overlays or anything else that is on screen all the time OLED is not for you. If you casually play a variety of games you will never have an issue.

  3. This is why I’m waiting for the next generation of cards. I’m fairly certain 3000 series with have HDMI 2.1. Still rocking a 980ti.

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