49 thoughts on “[OC] I drew a Japanese inspired Gyarados”

  1. Technically regular Gyarados is Japanese inspired. But looks great.

    Edit: I’ve engaged the Humor Field™ and I’m reading 88 chucklewatts. This is officially presented as a joke. Except how OP’s drawing looks because it very much does look great.

  2. Ive seen a lot of Gyarados artwork (wanted a cool Pokémon tattoo) and this artwork by far is one of the coolest out there. Whoever you are, good freakin job!

  3. I’d buy this as a poster, or a frame, or on a tshirt. I don’t know shit about art, but I know something I like when I see it

  4. My only critique is that it isn’t super clear without a lot of squinting where the trunk of the body goes after it cuts behind the head. I thought that was the neck connection at first, then realised it actually goes off to the left and is then supposed to curl around.

    It looks great, but if I had to change one thing, I’d lower the head enough to see where the body leads more easily.

    Seriously though, such clean lines. Beautiful style. 🙂

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