30 thoughts on “Official Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Reveal Trailer”

  1. Captain Price!

    Looks like we’re going back to the O.G. days of COD4 and MW2 style gameplay. Story looks interesting too.

    Cant wait to get back with the boys like the good ol’ days and run search and destroy into well after midnight.

  2. Thought this was a remaster, but it looks like new gameplay. Graphics look amazing, but it is Call of Duty so we’ll see how it turns out.

  3. Looks like COD is back on the menu, boys! They’ve returned to the roots of what made the game great in the first place. Gritty, quasi-realistic action in real-world settings. Color me hyped.

  4. So from what I’ve heard, this game is a re-imagining of the original Modern Warfare. The game will use a lot of the same characters from the original, along with a lot of the same mechanics that made the game great, but the story and setting have been moved to events in current time.

    You’ll have Price’s team, a more organized “Tier 1” operator group and you’ll play as a freedom fighter/guerilla warfare soldier.

  5. ”if you thought no Russian was the furthest cod would go, you’re in for a surprise”

    Wonder what they can get away with without getting shut down by angry moms.

  6. > This is a new story, with a new arc for the different characters. It’s not a prequel or a sequel.

    >Infinity Ward’s Studio Head also mentioned that there are many original Infinity Ward developers, those who left after MW2, back at the studio working on this game.

    First time ive been excited for a CoD game since black ops 2.

  7. I can get behind some hype for this but I’ll have to actually see it launch first without all the shit that is CoD nowadays.

    I am not buying a game with a day one daily pass, monthly pass, seasonal pass, off-season pass, bus pass, parking pass, and of course, the passing pass.

  8. Soft reboot with the characters of Modern Warfare operating in a more “morally gray” world. They basically said that by the end of MW3, nukes had gone off and the Russians had invaded. There was nothing left to tell.

    This one is centered on realism/real-world conditions. Enemies not wearing uniforms, civilian casualties, etc. They actually got me excited for CoD again.

  9. We’ll see. I’ll wait for some multiplayer gameplay before I make my judgement. Since it’s supposed to be a re-imagining of CoD4 I hope it’s a more “stripped down” CoD. I haven’t enjoyed a CoD since Black Ops 1, all the futuristic stuff doesn’t do it for me. WWII had potential but my god it had the most boring maps I’ve ever seen and they were more focused on loot boxes than content.

    Please just give me a good CoD game that remembers its roots without tons of bells and whistles with at least a little effort in map design.

  10. The modern warfare trilogy was the peak of Call of Duty campaigns. World at War -> Black Ops was great as well but IMO the later Black Ops games went downhill very fast.

    I hope this game can capture some of that magic I felt the first time I roped onto the deck of the cargo ship with the SAS.

  11. How is this not the most upvoted thing on the subreddit? They’re returning to classic COD for the first time in years and it looks insane

  12. For now, they have my attention. Modern Warfare was always my favorite series. 1,2 and 3. All great.

    But the second I see a loot box, or a currency to unlock some weed leaf skin, I’m gone.

  13. With PC to Console Crossplay, I look forward to feeling like I’ll do well with my mouse and keyboard, then losing to some 14 year old on Xbox who plays 9 hours a day.

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