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  1. 1) Thanks for the advice.
    2) Surrender your army unto me!
    3) Tell me more about housing prices.
    4) OK Boomer!

  2. My dad used to say stuff like this. Me and my sister explained to him the difference in house prices compared to wages and what inflation was. He stopped saying stuff like this.

    I think a lot of ‘boomers’ are just dumb

  3. I suppose i just dont get the entire issue here, its not like its impossible to have a good job and a house and be a millennial. Im 33, after the military i got into a trade union and work my butt off to afford nice things, through hard labor and struggle. 70k a year plus benefits is a good motivator if you put the effort into it, much like my boomer father and his father before him.

  4. I bought my house at 27. I have no formal education after high school. Get a job, learn a trade, work hard. It’s harder for us than it was for them but it is far from impossible. You can tell by the fact that people are doing it all around you. Albeit in smaller numbers than those who are complaining about days gone but still

  5. Ever since reddit took hold of this meme,it’s become stale.

    I’m a millennial btw.But you can’t really expect much from Reddit and Redditors in general

  6. Weird, I’ve not seen “OK boomer” before today and this is the 3rd thread I’ve seen about the whole “OK boomer” thing. I have face-palmed 3 times so far today. Such a shame it had to infiltrate r/gaming. As a millennial its pure embarrassing at times to be part of this generation. Not to mention the fact that EVERY generation up until millennial would have said these things. GenX are just as likely to say things like this to you as boomers. Besides all that, saying shit like “OK boomer” is just a kop out for the weak minded, spoiled brat generation that millennials have become.

  7. My boss’s dad was just telling us the other day in 1960 he bought a house for 7,000. 3 bedroom in Pittsburgh. It just sold for 200,000.

  8. For anyone who didn’t already know this, in the game fallout new vegas the people who inhabit nellis air force base are called the boomers.

  9. Yes I have had to explain to many boomers the power of inflation on the working class . And I mean real inflation that actually factors in true cost of living. Things like food , utilities and rent got taken off the list . While electronics and consumer products became the new standard . Back in the seventies inflation went crazy . As such so to did wages . They had cheap college loans, great health care. Great retirement benefits and made 10% on there savings accounts!!! We have none of that !!
    My MIL owns her house since 90 , husband retired in 87 from coke, company gave him an amazing package , he collected his salary until he died and then his retirement kicked in!!! He died 2010!! And had a salary of 70k$ !!! Since 87!!!

    Then factor in they had no bills, paid for only one car, and never traveled . And now she sits on 3 mil!!! Yea she see’s the world differently.

  10. Sadly I never got to play this part, guard wouldn’t open the gate. I tried for hours and couldn’t get in. My bad for playing it on PS3 I suppose.

  11. I want to know what his gameplan with that Rocket launcher is. If he shoots, its going to hit the fence, killing him and the other two guards, while me, being about 40 feet away will get hit with some hot air. Where as my Anti material rifle could pop his head from 250m easily.

  12. wow, i am CONFLICTED! the Boomers were my favorite group in FNV, and my least favorite group of humans! way to make me question my life! XD

  13. The reason millennials can’t buy a house isn’t inflation. The main reason is that most of their money is going to the person higher in the chain of command. I was reading just yesterday that bezos bought a mansion with more than 20 bathrooms. Basically, millennials have mastered the art of becoming willing slaves. Their masters are making all of the money. They are happy with the scraps they find under the table.

  14. I guess I should count myself lucky that my boomer parents are all around decent human beings with a fair understanding of today’s times.

  15. I started replaying NV in the past few weeks and yesterday i helped the boomers out with the lady of the lake. When i helped them i was thought about almost the same meme i just saw in this post. Good one btw.

  16. Yep, my dad lives in the past and is always ranting about how things were back in his day. It’s only gotten worse with his stroke, but I’m constantly reminding him….it’s not “back in his day” anymore.

  17. Anti-boomer sentiment reaches all the way to gaming. Nice.

    Boomers had the benifit of the greatest economy the world has ever seen because most of their parents risked their lives in nuclear world war. Boomers immediatley squandered what they were given, and remain clueless about it.

  18. Yo, am I the only one who for sure thought that the Boomers at Nellis were always actually meant to reference baby boomers? They live by a tradition, they’re extremely violent in matters of self-defense and have a history of conquest that they’re proud of, their perspective on reality is totally skewed, and from their perspective everything will be fine once they have their own plane. I dunno, I thought it was a silly joke.

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