7 thoughts on “Old School Runescape ends partnership polls early after community backlash”

  1. Who would’ve thought that after so many years only Runescape and World of Warcraft would still remain with such large playerbases…

  2. Most experienced Runescape players are extremely weary of updates like this, since MTX was one of the two major things that effectively killed RS3 (the other being EoC, which radically changed combat).

    The Twitch Prime partnerships went over well for most people initally since it gave people more membership for something they already had. Even then, it was possible to use a free trial of twitch prime for Runescape membership. The purple skin that was introduced in 2017 was met with mediocre reception, ranging from not caring in the slightest to hoping it never happens again.

    The previous free membership, while nice to regular players, was a huge boon to botters and other illegit players, as it made obtaining an account with membership a fraction of the cost it used to. Once systems were set in place to abuse free trials of twitch prime for free RS membership, bots and other gold farms exploded, like these [emblem](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHPNZcLPqiI) [farms](https://clips.twitch.tv/FlaccidSplendidBeanPRChase) that get banned and replaced daily, all while making enough gold to replace the accounts that get banned and more. It’s to the point where either interruptions to the demogaphics ability to play the game, like Venezuela’s power outage a bit ago or the supply of these twitch prime accounts running dry, has very major effects of the supply side of the economy, and the general sentiment is that while free membership is always nice, it’s not worth it to be plagued by an even worse botting issue than the game already has.

  3. “partnership” pfff
    Call it what it is, microtransactions. Don’t even let them get away with trying to mislead the average player by re-labeling it.

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