32 thoughts on “Old TotalBiscuit video (2016) speaking out against G2A”

  1. I can’t even bring my self to watch this. TB was literally the only celebrity I’ve cried over. Rip TB

  2. I miss TotalBiscuit. I remember when he called out youtuber boogie2988 over the paid reviews from youtubers drama a couple of years ago and then when TB passed away boogie2988 claimed that “John threw me under the bus” and I found that the whole incident showed both of their true colours:

    John wasn’t afraid to call out shitty practices within the gaming industry nor was he afraid to call out people who carry out those practices while boogie2988 is far more devious in withholding crucial information and deceiving the audience while simultaneously being cowardly and speaking ill of the situation after the person has passed away instead of when they had a chance to respond.

    Unfortunately youtube/twitch and the gaming community as a whole has far too many boogie2988s and far less TotalBiscuits than it needs.

  3. There are youtubers I’d like to watch, but they’ve been persistently and consistently sponsored by G2A. I won’t watch them until they drop it. I know my views probably don’t matter much to them, but it’s the best I can do.

  4. Whats crazy about G2A is that they aren’t really that cheap for a key reseller. If you compare their prices with other key resellers they suck. Whenever they are listed as the cheapest its because they cheat the users by listing their games as 10% cheaper thab they actually are, then remove that discount at checkout, they are so fuckinh scummy.

    All key resellers suck, but G2A os especially shitty. They can only compete because they have spent more money on ads. Their prices suck, even more so when you factor in their game protection prices.

  5. Oh, of course. If a streamer says it, it is the absolute truth, because they are the gamers gods. Praise the streamers for they represent us.

  6. I get why they get hate. But the fact is, I got Kingdom: Come for almost 40% less than on Steam a few days back despite the Steam Summer sale. These devs are rich anyway, especially as the creators behind the game are now owned by THQ Nordic.

    As long as that unbeatable value is there, G2A will continue to grow, like it or not.

  7. These guys have been criticised and outed for their business practices so many times, how are they still in business?

  8. …..

    Edit: it was a joke

    Edit2: removed my comment because apparently reddit can’t take a joke about using G2A only for EA games. Because it’s popular to hate g2a atm.

  9. Literally raising the dead to bash G2A now. Keep going guys. Maybe we can dredge up a document of Churchill or Lincoln complaining about them as well.

  10. There is no way to have a place to sell keys that you don’t need/want without someone else abusing it by selling keys that they bought with a stolen credit card. You wouldn’t need a middleman like G2A for that; someone could sell you a key directly that they bought with a stolen credit card and the same chargeback would happen regardless. G2A gets way too much flak for something that happens the same on ebay or literally any other site that allows you to sell product keys. You cannot prevent this. Stolen credit cards are the problem, not marketplaces for keys.

  11. I think TB was kind of uninformed in this video, as we generally still are, because not enough developers talk about this and the couple that do, don’t give us very good data.

  12. He was pretty much always right, wasn’t he? Everybody else is just catching up to the shit he knew years ago. RIP, we shall not see his like again.

  13. The argument with the stolen keys is just bullshit. People sell stolen stuff on eBay too. So is its eBays fault then when people steal stuff?

    G2A is shady as fuck and nobody should support them, but they are not at fault for people stealing credit cards and buy stuff with it…

  14. I recently had a colonoscopy and it was literally after watching a TB video that I scheduled it. I don’t think I ever would have went to the doctor but once I knew he could have been saved if he hadn’t let it go for so long I decided to make it happen. It’s been about 10 days since I had it and waiting on the biopsy to come back.

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