10 thoughts on “Omen Of Sorrow, previously PS4 exclusive, is now available for pre-purchase on Epic Games Store”

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  2. Sweet. Game looks awesome. This is from the Square Enix Collective so there is likely a deal for Dying Light 2 as well. I’m hyped for both games. Let’s go Epic! Maybe even Final fantasy 7 remake too!


    edit – and before anyone starts hating on this being epic exclusive, the devs explain on twitter that this lets them avoid key resellers that would sell cheap steam keys. Dev gets a higher cut and their game is more secure. Win – Win

  3. Eh I somewhat remember this game. It’s not that great tbh there’s better games out there that do similar things to Omen of Sorrow in terms of a fighting game.

  4. The damage control is hilarious.

    `that did happen, but it is not working anymore. But anyway for more than one reason Steam is not a priority.`

    They totally gave up.

  5. if only the devs weren’t kinda just straight up lying about steam problems not existing on epic games store, then it’d be kinda fine

  6. I wish we know the real name of whoever’s handling that twitter account. Doesn’t seem like a community manager, but a dev with a vendetta against Steam. He can’t even type a cordial reply to some Steam fans who offered a sincere “good luck” in the end of some arguments.

  7. oh men of sorry? never heard about that game, but if it’s EGS exclusive that’s all i need to know about it

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