25 thoughts on “One can only dream…”

  1. Console edition? I first played the Sims 4 on my PS4 and I thought it was amazing due to Sims 4 being my first introduction to the Sims besides mobile editions.

    Then later on I got it for free on my PC ( from Origins ) and I have to say that the console edition has the short end of the stick.. The developers won’t add-on CC, Custom Content, and mods to the console editions and I think it sucks that you’re stuck behind a paywall to get most out of the game without mods/CC.

  2. I’m assuming you were kidnapped by Gabe Newell after posting this and are being held in the sub-sub-basement at Valve. Blink twice if you need assistance!

  3. I would love it if games about making games detected the name half life 3 gave you a warning about it, and if you still go through with it the game just keeps getting delayed for dumber and dumber reasons. We’ll maybe not love but I would have a chuckle once I got the joke.

  4. Had my dude a programmer and after I finished making a video game it bugged out and I could just complete the same game over and over without having to work on a new one. I was making like 60k a week cause of how many I was able to do.

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