26 thoughts on “Only two”

  1. I try to be the right. But end up being the left. Than spend an hour fixing it at the end of the day so it’s back to being the right.

  2. I thought everyone sorted chests by

    -Building Blocks (Woods, Stones, Dirt, etc)

    -Plants (Trees, Seeds, Plants, Natural Deco, etc)

    -Treasure (Ores, Ingots, Gems, etc)

    -Redstone/Machines (Levers, Track, Pistons, etc)

    -Tools (Tools, Enchants, Potions, etc)

  3. People who play the game and people who spends hours researching, installing, fixing, and tweaking mods just to play for 20 minutes.

    Im the latter

  4. I’m both. I usually start off as ‘left’ so I can spend more time doing fun stuff. Then when organization leads to getting back to fun stuff sooner I evolve into ‘right’.

  5. Wait wouldn’t you not be able to open the middle and bottom chests? Maybe the top row has enough room.. but I thought chests needed space above them to open.

  6. Dont forget the people that stash stuff in shulker boxes and then put those boxes into chests. Mass confusion.

  7. It looks like the chests on the right would be really annoying to open. You have to hit a tiny target to actually open them. I like to have one block as a label and one as the click target.

  8. Who uses frames instead of signs? Accidentally clicking item frames is a pain. And it’s a waste of space to not ust have larger chests with categories, which are easier communicated via signs rather than random items in frames.

    Also, the best system is a combination of the two. Have a few dump chests for when you’re in a hurry and/or playing with messy friends, sort them into the organized chests when you’ve got downtime.

  9. That’s the messed up graphic for a triple chest on the left.

    Can’t even get that without commands.

    Interesting choice.

  10. 3 type actually, the 3rd one being people who mod the game and have a super computer with massive storage capacity that’s connected to a fusion reactor and a deep dimension mining array

  11. It hurts my soul, just last night on my buddies realm, I went through his chest to find some leather and ten spent 20 minutes just organizing all his chests..who puts diamond with all there dirt and random shit?!?! Who?!!!

  12. Or Applied Energistics Server Room with 120 64k ME Storage Cells for the ~10mio cobble and the other stuff

  13. I just sort by categories. Like rare materials, building blocks, enchanting stuff, red stone stuff, wood stuff, stone stuff, armor, weapons and tools, mob drops, etc.

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