How come it only seems like fallout 76 is the only Bethesda game to suffering from such awful decisions on behalf of Bethesda? How come we don’t see like doom or Wolfenstein being screwed over by the developers?

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  1. Maybe different teams/studios? Like how Ubisoft produces great games and then another team will make a big fat dumpster fire.

  2. I think doom and wolfenstein are made by ID software through Bethesda. Maybe Bethesda doesn’t have as much control of them?

  3. Because those aren’t made by Bethesda the developer, they’re published by Bethesda. Id software made both those games, I think, and rage too, and id knows how to make a shooter

  4. Both of those games were mainly developed by id software and other studios, bethesda only published the games. They didn’t get involved in any of the development as far as i know.

  5. It is not only fallout 76 that suffered from those decision.Not minding the casualization their games suffered over the years when they released fallout 4 the first weak they raised the price of the season pass.Then they procceded to sell the workshops as dlcs with a very steep proce.Or how about instead of developing games they re released skyrim over and over again to secure the mod market in every console they could.Or how about horse armor?Or how about they screwd over obsidian with new vegas?Also doom and wolfenstein were developed by different studios

  6. as everyone else said, Bethesda publishes most non-TES or Fallout games. But to be frank, there are plenty of issues with all their games, not just F76.

  7. There seems to be some confusion going on, so lets clear this up. There are 2 Bethesdas. ***Bethesda Game Studios*** is the Developer that makes the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games (except for ESO) and is currently developing a new IP (Starfield). ***Bethesda Softworks*** is the Publisher that oversees Bethesda Game Studios, ID software, Arkane Studios, Machine games, Tango Gameworks, and Zenimax Online Studios. Bethesda Softworks is a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media.

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