35 thoughts on “Our President says trans rights!”

  1. If Blizzard can’t get people to play Overwatch “properly” to the point they need to force them to, how the fuck can this prez get the entirety of the gaming community to “respectfully” do anything?

  2. “Canonical” pronouns would be the sex not the gender.

    Edit: I hope I didn’t offend anyone. My point was that calling transgendered pronouns “canon” is a misnomer. “Representative” would have been a better word.

  3. Ace Watkins for pres2020! Can’t wait to see if his vp pick is a pallet swapped him or a respectable crossplatform character.

  4. Just going to say…

    Comparing peoples ability to memorise an entirely fictional fantasy world with a bunch of fictional pronouns for fictional “genders”? Not sure if he is stating that moon sexual, stellarsexual, pansexual and gender fluid are as real as Sarex the fury specced orc warrior who tanked Onyxia last night?

  5. The amount of respectful commenting and considerate gamers in this post/group go completely against my experience for the entirety of my online gaming experiences

  6. I think a lot of people in this thread could benefit from meeting some of the really amazing trans people in the world. Most of us are very kind, and just want empathy/respect in life.

  7. If a close friend says I prefer being called he/she I’ll say sure. I can barely remember the names of semi-close people so probably not in that case, and I’m not going to start conversations with “What are your pronouns today?”. I know very little of Azeroth lore (despite playing WoW and HS) because I don’t care much. Same for pronouns.

    Also, go do some introspection if you misgender to get a rise out of people OR expect everyone to remember your obscure sociological mumbo jumbo pronouns.

  8. I really don’t get the anger people have about this issue. Nobody wants us all to memorize a billion variations on the “spectrum of gender identity”, the only pronouns that most reasonable people expect are he/him, she/her, or they/them. I’m 100% cisgender (born male, feel male, am male, just gay) and I don’t see this as any kind of imposition. Takes some getting used to, but it’s really no big deal. Yes, there are some obnoxiously vocal people on social media, but every trans/genderfluid/etc person I’ve ever met in the real world has been decent and patient.

    To us, it’s literally no more effort than memorizing a nickname. If we can get “Dick” from “Richard” without confusion, we can handle referring to someone as “they.” And to them, it means the world. Acknowledgement, recognition, and respect. You know, those things the Stonewall rioters and so many others fought for all LGBT people to be able to feel without fearing the police beating the hell out of us.

    Nobody outside of some idiots on social media wants to “force” anyone to say or do anything, or even to care. But trust me, this isn’t worth getting up in arms about. It takes next to no effort, requires no personal sacrifice, and means the world to some people who really just want to feel as comfortable as we do.

  9. Sometimes in life, you’re put on red team, but you want to be on blue team. Or maybe you want to start a green team, that’s okay.

  10. Okay so imagine there’s a bunch of people in a room talking about an issue and everyone is just chilling & talking about how they don’t understand what the big deal is. Then you waltz in out of the blue and start accusing all of them for being wrong and disrespectful. That’s what position you’re in with this argument. The other person never said anything disrespectful, they just did not care. If you want people to join your team you have to recruit them, not argue with them for not being on one.

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