25 thoughts on “Our solution to a rainy New England Sunday.”

  1. My gf and I wanted to play different games on this rainy day and this is the temporary setup we came up with. Looking forward to a dedicated office/game room, but this is cozy. Busting out the Lucky Charms and Dunkaroos.

  2. I know it’s the game and not the film but seeing this made me realise that Lord of The Rings trilogy is good set of films to watch in the background whilst playing a video game.

    I wonder if we could get a list made of all the films that combo well with playing video games.

  3. Nostalg everywhere, nostalgia is like a weak drug you get cravings for every so often, I’m about to pick up ff7.

  4. Damn.. you transported me right back to my parents basement circa 2002 for me. A nice trip down nostalgia lane I wasn’t expecting.

  5. LoR was *EPIC* on ps2. I also remember playing some motion controlled version that plugged into the TV and you used a sword to play?!?! *Good times*

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