35 thoughts on “Painted my sisters PS4 because they wanted it that way, how’s it look?”

  1. Don’t some paints can overheat the console?

    I feel I have read something about this sometime in the past…

    Look really nice though.

  2. That’s bluer than my balls after I spend an hour playing Minecraft. The zombies in Minecraft are just so fucking hot. Every time they moan it’s like I’ve just had someone grip onto my prostate.

  3. Genuinely curious: why use “they” to describe your sister instead of “she?” It seems weird, if she were a non-binary gender, wouldn’t you want to say “my sibling?”

    Edit: he has multiple female siblings, so he meant “sisters’ PS4”

  4. The bottom right corner of the dark blue doesn’t line up over the corner and it’s extremely frustrating but otherwise looks good.

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