45 thoughts on “Past meets present.”

  1. I have spyro on PS1, my mate was excited and played it all night on my playstation. He got stuck at one part and kept trying for hours. A bit later he got the remake as a present from his brother. He finished the game in nearly the same time as he was trying to get past that certain point on the PS1

  2. Toys for Bob did such a great job with the remaster on this series. It looks fantastic, and it reminded me why I fell in love with the original Spyro Trilogy all those years ago.

    Fun fact, I share the same name as the very first dragon you rescue at the beginning of the first game. I knew the series was going to be special to me the second I saw that as a kid.

  3. So u have?
    Left: XBoxOne, XBox360, PS4, PS3, WiiU
    Right: SuperNintendo, Nintendo64, Dreamcast Xbox, Sega Genesis, PS2
    Thats a Nice setup, anything missing?
    If Will ever get to live in a hous with extra room for a gaming room i would want that so much!

  4. That’s actually going to be my present for my brother for Christmas. I wanted a game where both my brother and my niece would have fun playing

  5. I bought this for the switch last week as I only got to play a bit of it at my friends house when I was young. Finished 2 worlds so far as adult life gets in the way but it is a great game.

  6. This game somehow feels “new” and gives a sweet nostalgic hit at the same time. It’s been so long that I’m having to re-learn the game while also going “Oh I remember that!” every 5 or 10 minutes – I love it.

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