7 thoughts on “Path of Exile: Legion – Content Update 3.7.0 Patch Notes”

  1. I spent so much time in this game. I loved it. Unfortunately I’m the extreme minority but lack of a proper auction house killed this game for me. Opening another screen to scroll through gear then whisper those people hoping they are on was horrible. It ruined all fun since the game is the gear. Entire game can pivot on one piece. Half of the time you whisper 20 people hoping they respond, then you have to haggle. It seems so stupid to me.

  2. I know this is “the melee league,” but I’m excited to try out a bow wielding Champion that focuses on fortify, impale, and just being a ranged character that *isn’t* a glass cannon.

    After that I’m doing proper melee.

  3. Game mechanics became too fucking hard and clunky. Huge bloat of affixes/prefixes/other shit on items, crafting became harder than a rocket science. I tried to love PoE….

  4. I would definitely jump into this game if there was an option for keyboard movement. I hate having to swing my mouse around everywhere to move when I want to be keeping my crosshair on enemies.

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