The game that I am searching for is a **2D Shooting-Platformer** game. I used to play this game on my **PC**around **2009-2010.** I think i used to play that on freeonlinegames or agame or something like that.

Plot: The player character is gets stuck in a world where there are alien type creatures. He uses a gun to kill these monsters. His mission is to escape this place out alive.


Enemies: Well, I did not progress very far into the game, but some details about the alien-monsters are here-

1. Flying insect like creature, comes near the player, touches the player to reduce his health.
2. A crocodile monster, walks on two legs, has a weapon similar to huge battle-axe / war-hammer.
3. Another crocodile monster, uses gun to kill.


Loot: These monsters, used to drop ***blue glass like orbs.*** And, i think more powerful monsters used to drop ***golden orbs.***

Guns: There was a very wide variety of guns, and each gun had a ***Unique name.***

[one of the gun’s name was **RAPTOR**]


Game Mechanics:

1. Player character was able to double jump.
2. Able to reload using R.
3. 2d game, and graphics were okay-ish.


That is all I remember.

[Note: This is my first post, I am new here. Sorry for any grammatical and spelling errors, as English is not my first language.]

Thank you!!!

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