11 thoughts on “People that actively hate on Virtual Reality, can I ask why?”

  1. I don’t necessarily hate it, but I don’t like how lots of developers are devoting lots of their resources towards VR games rather than normal games. (Ex. Insomniac is working on a VR game rather then the next Ratchet and Clank or Spider-Man)

    As amazing as the technology is, I don’t think I’ll ever buy one. Not my cup of tea at all

  2. I don’t actively hate.. but I tried it and got sick (possibly motion sickness?) I love Beat Sabers!! But until it’s as cool as the VR from Disclosure.. I don’t think I’ll be on board

  3. I dont personally hate it, I just dont think it’s there yet. And I’ve yet to play a VR game that really blew me away, and made me fall in love with the tech.

  4. I dont hate it. I just dont like having 18 cords being dragged across my living room while my dog continues to somehow get tangled up in every single one and pull my PlayStation to the floor

  5. Most (said most not “all”) of people that hate on VR have never tried it. I have seen people who were full on haters who tried it for 10min and immediately bought their own sets. The problem with VR is you cant properly explain what its like, its something the person has to experience for themselves

  6. I don’t hate it, I’m actually very curious about it. However the cost of entry is a big draw back for me as it stands, once something like the vive pro or steam index becomes an affordable all in 1 purchase package (for me that’s around the cost of a console so 300 to 400) I’ll take the plunge, but until then VR isn’t on my radar.

  7. I can imagine I’d hate it since I can’t even stand headphones or sunglasses.
    Or wrist watches, jewelry and shoulder bags.

  8. It’s mostly motion sickness and terrible controls for me. But I do hate the fact that we still can’t move our eyes without moving the body like irl. Irl people change their eye position so many times within a minute and never feels nauseous or anything but in VR the entire screen transitions instead of directing to the desired place instantly.

    There are still lots of other reasons why I don’t enjoy VR but that would one long comment.

  9. I don’t hate it as such but I only have one eye and that one has a limited field of view so I fail to see any benefits to me, I fail to see many things as it is.

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