I’m a fan of CoD, especially Black Ops 3 and 4 (I didn’t totally hate IW or WW2, they just didn’t stick with me). How does the game compare to other entries? What about other aspects like netcode and optimization?

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27 thoughts on “People who bought Modern Warfare – what do you think so far? How does it compare to other entries?”

  1. It has potential, lots of it but right now, the core gameplay has some massive issues, poor balance, along with its weapon balance. It plays extremely passively due to a number of factors, 95% of the playerbase runs either M4 or 725 shotgun, or both, because they are so incredibly overpowered.

    Rumour is there’s a big overhaul incoming, so maybe it’ll actually turn out decent at some point. However, right now, it’s just a meme factory.

    And netcode is still the same shit as every other entry.

  2. I like it. Way better than Black Ops 4. No lame hero classes. No boring 3 lane maps.

    It feels kind of fresh and it looks downright amazing. 2v2 Gunfight mode with a friend is also a blast.

    Only major complaint are lack of maps right now. I think only 6 available in the 6v6 playlists.

  3. The sound, like listening for footsteps is terrible. I have other gripes but that is the biggest gripe I have.

  4. Needs some tweaks and maps but those will come , for me the best cod since Black Ops 2. Looks amazing and is so smooth to play

  5. The game plays like the old school COD’s, if you want that don’t buy it because they’re dumbing the game down soon.

  6. It’s rough right now. It’s not COD. Well not like you would expect it. So much corner camping. It’s unbearable. Normal MP anyways.

    Now Gunfight. The new 2v2 mode is awesome.

  7. For the most part pretty fun. It doesn’t have shitty rectangular 3 lane maps. It has big maps that go all over the place with long sight lines for sniping. The footsteps were too loud but they toned it down so you can’t hear it through every surface. People like to camp their dicks off with shotguns. The range on the shotgun is ridiculous. Some maps don’t make any sense for certain game modes. Like Euphrates Bridge for tdm is just dumb. That’s just people rushing to the bridge first. Then you have a clear view of both spawns and you can snipe them all day long and there’s nothing you can do to get out of it. You can try to use a Javelin but that only really works on the two low points of the suspension bridge if people are sitting there.

  8. Game is made for fucking campers. Black Ops 4, Black Ops III, Infinite Warfare are all superior less campy games but they’re getting shit because of scifi stuff that’s not allowed apperently unless titifall does it.

  9. It’s great. Campaign has shock value and mp is something I can go back to everyday. Some maps I like more than others.

    These complaints about the netcode (which I keep hearing but have no clue what it is) and footsteps are so trivial, I don’t even know why people are complaining about it.

  10. Graphically, incredible. Raw mechanics are great. Campaign is very solid.

    Everything else sucks. The multiplayer is extremely passive and rewards similar playstyles far too much, and the maps are complete garbage. Spawns somehow feel even more bullshit than usual.

  11. The gameplay is too slow. Map design went from generic 3 lane layouts to being incredibly open which encourages defensive playing to a fault. On the very open maps like Picadilly I’ve had so many games end due to time and not reaching the score limit because everybody just plays conservatively. I really like the game, and think that the more tactical pace is a step in the right direction, but its just poorly implemented. The game excels in game types like Cyber Attack or Headquarters that push players towards an objective versus just hiding in windows.

    This is going to be fixed for sure, but weapon balance is wack. M4/725 shotgun is the meta loadout that everyone uses. M4 because it’s such a good, well rounded AR, and the 725 because it has a stupidly long kill range.

  12. Co-op is an absolute disgrace of an afterthought so badly balanced and overtuned that i doubt that many people have ever completed a mission yet.

  13. Sound is all over the place, Spawns are terrible, Camping with the double barrel and claymores is the standard, I’ve probably seen more time limit wins in this cod then all the other cods combined

    Hardcore mode is more fun than standard modes and usually its the opposite for me

  14. I could play for 2 hours. Then the menu died and I couldnt even get into a game. The campaign was awesome but again it died after an update. I had probably 8 hours in the game 4 of which was just tinkering to try and get it to work. Refunded through Blizzard after 20+ emails. I have a 2070 and a i5-6600k. Wish I could play, but I dont wanna troubleshoot a game for hours on end.

  15. I only played the MP, and did it mostly with 2-4 other friends.


    Here’s my experience in Global War:

    – spawn die
    – spawn run towards next flag to capture, die on way
    – spawn run hit claymore die
    – spawn, get jump on guy, kill him, die a moment later to someone who came at you from a random direction
    – spawn, hide for a bit so you can stay alive for more than 20 seconds, kill a few people, get called a camper
    – spawn die to tank
    – spawn in roof campers crosshairs on the city Ground War map, die
    – spawn on the city Ground War map, run around for 20 seconds and get sniped by any of the 39 snipers on any of the 12 tall buildings

    In TDM or Domination, it’s the same thing, just a smaller map. It’s spawning, don’t think.. just run -LOUDLY because apparently you’re wearing firecrackers on your feet and you have the loudest footsteps known to man, shoot, die immediately. There are so many good mechanics to this game that just go unused over overlooked because the games action is nonstop and moves too fast. Make no mistake, I am not wanting this to be tactical at all (I dont like those games – like Squad, or Hell Let Loose) but I’d like the speed to match what the game offers.

    Meanwhile, the whole time the above is happening, there is insane nonstop and loud radio chatter about a UAV, some sort of strike, etc. It’s hearing your guy yell “contact” anytime an enemy is in front of you. Yelling about throwing a grenade, or reloading, it’s stupid and feels like at no point of the game is there any semblance of thought, nor smarts. It feels like it’s been made for ADD-having 14yr olds who require constant stimulation. They took an arcade, almost arena-styled shooter and put it in a bigger environment, and it doesnt work.

    The biggest problem with the audio is that you need to have it jacked up high so you can hear the footsteps of enemies.. it’s like they want to make this as stupid as possible

    For a game where they tried to grab the PC gamer audience, they failed us.

    In order for them to capture the PC gamer market, my thoughts- they need a Rush mode, coupled with no killstreak bonuses, and make the time to kill a bit higher. I fully understand doing that changes what this game is, and I stand by the fact that to keep the PC crowd, they’d need to make a big change.

    All this game does is make me want to play BF4 again or hope that they are working on a BF2143 made by the same people who did BF4.

  16. Visibility is a big problem. It still has aimpunch and obnoxious visual effects when you get shot which makes gunfights frustrating. The animations, visuals and sounds are all top notch and the level of customization is amazing.

    The campaign is good but nothing special.

    What it needs right now is tweaks and more maps and it will be an amazing game.

  17. Its the best cod in a long time. People that havent realized you gotta play multiplayer slower are having a bad time. I was at first till I adjusted.

  18. I’ll be picking it up this week, and can you believe it, for absolutely free. Wow tokens are something I tell you.

    How ever, I have zero need to play online, just want to play the single player.

    I’d respect the franchise a lot more if I could buy the single player only, it would save me some time and space (175GB)

  19. It’s just like mw2, bunch of filthy god damn campers that I can’t see due to hiding in the corner and this cod is extremely dark where it needs to be

  20. Well if you want an arcade shooter do not buy it, it is now more realistic and hardcore with extremely low TTK. And it is tactical which you need to play for objectives. Otherwise you will just join the “camp whiners” who does not understand the game and want a run and gun arcade game.

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