27 thoughts on “Pigeon Simulator 2019”

  1. Is this a meme or a real game? Take. My. Money.

    I’ve always wanted the destructive powers of a pigeon.

  2. In David Attenborough’s voice *and here we have the pigeon in its natural habitat, stalking its prey – a human..*

  3. Don’t you guys hate it when a pigeon drags you off to sky and drops you 100 feet away. Ruins my day.

  4. For a second I forgot about the other simulator games.

    I saw this gameplay and thought “Oh this is neat. Just flying around, running into things, exploring a city. Very relaxing.”

    And then the fucking hotdog cart exploded.

  5. I’d buy it. For $5 I’d buy something that doesn’t crash that lets you fly around and drop shit on things.

    For $10 I’d buy that plus something closer to goat simulator in which there is a bunch of stuff going on that are hidden objectives to earn points and hidden items like hats or skins or something. I’d also expect there to be some sort of physics so I could crash into stuff and it moves.

    For $15, I’d expect multiple areas that would take a few hours each to complete every objective (if you knew where they all were and what to do) and more control options, like being able to pick things up and drop them, land on trees, stuff like that.

    $20 more of the same

    $30 more of the same and also multiplayer

    $40 fully voiced story involving other bird characters

    $60 a romance subplot between multiple possible other pigeons,


    $80 collectors edition with digital art book that will be easily downloaded elsewhere, a pigeon keychain and a pigeon plushy.

    $150 Ultimate edition includes all of the above, season pass and a live pigeon.

    Pre-order the collectors edition to have your name included, the ultimate to have an npc named after you. Pre-ordering the regular edition earns you the flying rat skin and thumbs up emote, plus exclusive in game tag.

    Sorry, this sorta got away from me, I’d love to see the $15 option though!

    EDIT: Thanks for the gold and silver!

  6. Things like this make me absolutely love this world, we’ve been given all of this computing power, and we use it to make games like this. Beautiful.

  7. Ideas:

    – Fight over a half-eaten bagel with several other pigeons and those small sparrows, peck them to death.

    – Fight with a rat over a slice of pizza that fell on the sidewalk.

    – Play chicken with a kid on a tricycle who’s out for blood.

    – Land on a window sill, make loud mating noises until people slam the window shut in disgust.

    – Secret level where you can fly down into a subway station and get stuck flying in circles. Watch out for trains!

  8. This is great! When I was a kid I used to play a game exactly like this, also a pigeon simulator. Its called “Fly Like A Bird” I believe, but Im not a 100% sure. You could fly around with friends and poop on peoples heads, it was the best thing.

    So if its an option, Id definitely add multiplayer, as shitting on people with a bunch of friends makes everything better.

  9. Boss battle needs to be a homemade attack drone flown by a person you need to find, poop on, then peck his eyes.

    Multiplayer is a must, no names or any indicators of people being in the lobby with you, but if you see a pigeon then that is another person.

    Flocks enable you to terrorize much bigger targets.

    Unlockable crow character?

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