47 thoughts on “PlatinumGames celebrates NieR:Automata sales exceeding four million”

  1. Yep, celebrating rolling in the money and not spending a dime on fixing the PC port. Why even bother if you’re not even going to make a decent attempt at the port.

  2. And still no PC patch.

    Look, I respect the hell out of Platinum and Yoko Taro’s team but this is unforgivable. Square seem to be the one that have made the call not to dedicate resources to this problem and the way they have treated the PC release is disgraceful.

  3. Absolutely phenomenal game, Platinum just hasn’t let me down yet, and we also finally got Yoko Taro game with actually good gameplay.

    Downloaded MGR Revengeance just yesterday to replay it, and that first boss fight with the metal gear ray and Rules of Nature in the background still gives me chills, no one does boss fights like Platinum.

  4. Now if they could just put the thing and DLC (how is this not included in the ‘GotY’?) on a decent sale on Steam for once, I’d buy it too. Not about to drop almost full price on a – still broken – 2 year old game, no matter how amazing it may be.

  5. It sucks the game never got a patch for the issues, but personally this quickly became my favorite game of all time. The fan patch, while not an excuse for the devs to abandon the game, fixed all of my issues.

    Super hyped for whatever Yoko Taro has in store for us next

  6. Ran fine for me even without the patch, but what bothered me was sorta wasting all the Platinum gameplay tightness on annoying leveling mechanics that caused lot of the enemies either be of no challenge at all or deleting 90 percent of my health in a single swing even through robust amount of defense modules.

    Good game, nonetheless. Hope Taro doesn’t go further all mainstream crowd-pleasers with these news.

  7. I love the direction and how the music changes with what is going on the screen – best example of that in gaming I would say apart from maybe a couple of boss fights in Bloodborne or Sekiro

    Also the very end of the game when it asks you delete your save file … you don’t see that in many games

  8. I never played it but i would like to. would you recommend it to me if:


    I like rpg\jrpg games

    I don’t like moe moe stuff \girls with maid\bends on their eyes

    don’t like endless grinding?

  9. Automata was the last game published by Square Shitix I bought and ever will. This publisher is literally a stain on the gaming medium.

    Awful sales projections, shitty(non existant in this case) support for games, crappy dev treatment.

    They don’t deserve the nostalgia people shower them with.

  10. I want this game but it never goes on sale for a decent amount. It’s still $80 regular price on Canadian PS4 store and occasionally goes for $40.

  11. Despite the bad PC port I’m so glad I played Nier Automata. The gameplay is amazing and the soundtrack is seriously one of my favourites of all time. The characters and emotions throughout are just perfectly executed. I can proudly say even though I played this on PC with the community patch it is in my top 5 games of all time.

  12. So many people screaming about game patch here. I played the full game on PC without any issues (and without the community patch). What am I missing?

  13. I cant even play the game. Its literally in slow motion on my PC.
    That community patch doesn’t fix it.

  14. You should celebrate by putting the game on its biggest sale ever! I’m still waiting for $20 or less.

  15. The image made the carnival music come up in my head, I just cannot stand it. Most of the game I played on mute, too many arcade noises and loud repetitive music, they could have done better. Sorry about the off-topic.

  16. I hope Square’s conference at E3 shows another Nier/Drakengard. I know Yoko said he wanted to have another announcement by 2020. This would be the prime time.

  17. And it’s still an utter shit port. Japanese devs are so bad for this. Some are making progress like. Capcom having monster hunter with 22:9 support and uncapped frame rates, same for Resi 2. But then they release DMC5 with no UW support but a modder fixed it straight away.

    SE are incredibly inconsistent with their standards, FFXV had an amazing port, minus the engine running like shit on every platform. Then WoFF and Nier have lazy ports.

    Just bought No No Kuni 2, and that game is a great jrpg port though, UW support and was hitting like 140fps at 4k.

  18. who’s decision was it to not patch the PC version ? platinum games did good with bayonetta and vanquish which were both published by Sega.

    is squaresoft prone to not giving a care to pc patches? their other published games doesn’t seem to suffer from the same. im just confused

  19. ITT: 2 types of comments;

    People praising the game for being great and that it garnered this level of success despite technical drawbacks and the eternal endless stream of comments about how some people will never buy this game until bugs are fixed or talk about any other aspect of it.

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