36 thoughts on “Pokémon types”

  1. It’s a Snorlax. He’s supposed to be heavy. He’s probably at his optimal weight for his species. He could look like the Snorlax equivalent of a body-building gymnast and all the lady Snorlax’s want to get with that for all you know. Stop fat-shaming the Pokemon, Professor Oaf, you fucking incompetent.

  2. Funny story with this one actually. So some background before hand, I work for an ambulance comp and we do both 911 and transports(from hospital to nursing home, nursing home to hospital etc basically emergency medical related trips) so I had this one person who I was transporting and on their paperwork is had diabetes twice, so for like 5-10 minutes I was sitting re-reading it and it finally hit me. I asked the patient if they have type 2 diabetes and they said yes. So apparently someone took the “type 2” in diabetes literal and type it out twice. I laughed and the person filed a complaint to my boss about it. Best incident report ever!

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