3 thoughts on “Prey 2 | Tommy Audio Logs (Cancelled / Unreleased)”

  1. I wanted this Prey so much more than the one we got. Not that Prey 2017 is bad (Other than Optimization, which the rig in my signature line struggles to run properly, damn you Crysis engine!), but the first Prey was an unexpectedly amazing game. I didn’t play it til like 2009, with a bunch of graphic improvement mods, I wasn’t expecting too much – Doom 3, I never beat and thought was average overall…but Prey just sucked me in, it’s amazing variety of locations, good gunplay and overall just fun story. Like what the hell. When people talk about sleeper hits – Prey is that.


    Oh, and this scene is one of my favorite in gaming.

  2. It will never fail to irritate me that people threw Arkane’s Prey under the bus for the sake of a sequel to a totally forgettable and mediocre game, a sequel that we only ever got to see via smoke and mirrors E3 bullshit. You had the chance to support what is essentially System Shock 3, and you said “no, I wanted an open world game set in a universe no one liked until it was removed from steam”.

    Even more irritating is the fact that the people who want Prey 2 are obviously just bandwagoning considering none of them have bothered to pay the slightest attention to what Human Head has been doing as of late. Just look at the difference in the amount of attention you get making a thread saying “I still want prey 2!” vs “I can’t want for the new Rune game!” Hell no one was looking forward to The Quiet Man either, though at least they were right to be skeptical in that instance.

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