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  1. So just to be clear:

    – the player is a kid who lives with his single mom

    – local (and also single) professor sends him kid on a bullshit quest to “collect them all”

    – kid is gone for a long time…out of the house where his single mom lives

    …and y’all still think it’s about the pokemon?

  2. The one think Pokemon Origins grossly glosses over is the potential of actually really just sitting down and biting into its story. There is just so much that happens in all the Gen 1 lore but its like addressed without context and disregarded after its introduced soon afterwards. Instead of writing it the way the actual Pokemon animes are written write it like a drama instead. Treat it like you’re writing a Netflix series.

    Show scenes of the Elite 4 going thru the screening process of who would make great Gym Leader material and have it cut to Giovanni who smugly walks into the room and just starts lighting a cigar as Lance asks him “So…we have an opening for the Vermillion City Gym and we were wondering why you were so curious as to why you wanted to buy the land?”

    Giovanni, Sarcastically: “No reason. I just wanna fulfill my Gym Leading duties. This volunteer work means so much to me in how much it benefits future trainers who might make it and challenge you some day.”

    Lorelai: So…you’re not applying for the position for anything illegal fronts we should be knowing about right? We noticed in your resume you’ve also been buying up land in Lavendar Town, Saffron, and Celadon should we be concerned about this?”

    Giovanni: Charity Projects I assure you. As a Billionaire I am naturally generous.”

    Bruno: “How did you make your money again?”

    Giovanni: “Transporting goods and services…LEGALLY.”

  3. Also bug catchers, bird keepers, runners, swimmers, hikers, motorcyclists, pokegeeks and twins (I mean, the region has a clear genetic predisposition so its population give birth to lots of twins).

  4. The entire government is built on the sport of battling Pokemon, that kid essentially becomes a king by the end. There aren’t any educational facilities besides those which teach you about Pokemon. Even the electrician is probably just directing some pokemon around.

  5. This kid makes hundreds of thousands from making animals fight other people’s animals. He also accumulates an unmatched collection of exotic pets (that could be GODS) and rare items.

    And that’s in less than a year.

    Screw education, animal fighting rings are the real career of the Pokémon world.

  6. Eh, we’ve seen Ash’s general level of intelligence. I feel like the kids who were encouraged to be Pokemon masters at 10 were the ones who everyone just agreed were not worth trying to teach.

  7. Nintendo CEO: *”So, I like the game, don’t get me wrong, but… I think the theme may be problematic. ‘Cock Fighting Simulator’? No, that’s not going to work. Throw a more kid friendly theme on this thing and have it on my desk Monday!”*

  8. You ever think that’s why Red became just a good trainer? Because everyone else was too busy working a real job to train?

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