29 thoughts on “Proof that good games based on movies are possible”

  1. The Return of The King game was really good also.

    I even enjoyed the Fellowship game, even though it wasn’t based on the movies. But it was one of the first games I ever saw where you would shoot someone with an arrow and the arrow didn’t immediately disappear.

  2. It was good, but we had computer games based on movies prior which were good, much like we had super hero games prior to Arkham asylum which were good

  3. There has been some truly excellent Star Wars games going back to the 1980s. Some directly based on the movies and some that are just set in that universe with unique stores.

    Of course there have been some truly bad ones too…

  4. Yes, this game was super fun when I was 12 and still is now at 29 when I found it in some boxes of my old stuff alongside my PS2. Even had my bro home with me to co-op like when we were kids.

  5. Don’t forget the original battlefront and battlefront 2. Those both went up to par with the LOTR games

    Edit: also LEGO Star Wars the complete saga and LEGO the lord of the rings

  6. I know it isn’t based on the movies, but did anyone play the lotr third age game? i loved that game, i remember spending hours grinding out levels.

  7. The first Harry Potter games blew my mind as a kid. I remember walking the halls of hogwarts with the moving staircase, learning new spells, flying, fighting the monsters and solving puzzles. Also, being affraid of Snape like any other kid (RIP Alan Rickman)

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