I’m considering buying this game, but before I do, I have a couple questions.

1. Should I even buy it?

2. If I do buy it, which of the two games should I play first?

(PS: I haven’t played either of the games before)

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4 thoughts on “Prototype Biohazard Bundle”

  1. Prototype 2 is a direct sequel so if you do buy it(imo you shouldn’t, they aren’t great games and that “remaster” is about as lazy and bare bones as it gets) start with the first game so the second one makes sense.

  2. I bought it on sale a couple months back… Everyone bags on remasters but I had fun with them. If anything wait for the bundle to go on sale like I did, nothing wrong with wanting to get a deal. If you like old games like Hulk: Ultimate Destruction you’ll love these.

  3. Love these games. Great mindless fun. Definitely play the one first. I think it MIGHT be a better game than 2, but don’t expect to like either protagonist

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