9 thoughts on “PS3/PS4 Exclusive, Journey, Headed To PC Via Epic on June”

  1. Alright game, wouldn’t actually consider paying for it though. It’s very much a one-and-done experience with little to offer on subsequent playthroughs.

  2. It would be a big deal for a PlayStation exclusive to come to PC so it only makes sense that they would somehow work out a deal with Epic…. SMH

  3. I know it is only $5, but I have bought to many games in a short time frame, $70 for 4 games. I think my wife will kill me if I buy anymore at this time.

  4. Seems like another game that you can beat in 6 hours and is just a walking simulator. Good OST from what I heard but doesn’t seem like a game I would spend money on

  5. Just saw info that Journey can be purchased for 5$ on Epic. Let me take a look what pcgaming have to say about it. Of course epic bad, praising torrents, comments from people who dont want to play it and downvoted thread with information.


    You guys are very mature.

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