Quick and dirty – is Mass Effect (1, 2, 3) better on PC or Xbox One?

I don’t care for graphics, just for FUN!

Many thanks in advance!

Yes, I’m the guy who asked the same question about BioShock and if anyone’s not sure – 100% better on PC with keyboard and mouse.

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20 thoughts on “Quick and dirty – is Mass Effect “best played” on PC?”

  1. Mouse is of course more precise for aiming, though personally I don’t like the kb+m in these games, but there is a mod to get controller support on PC. There are mods which for example get rid of the annoying mini games I always hated. Frame rate and graphics are way better, especially thanks to mods. All in all mods just make it way better.

  2. Depends – no controller support without a mod on the PC but it runs 720p 30fps on the console as opposed to what you want on PC

  3. The UI isn’t really built for m+kb but a mod will patch in controller support. The graphics overhaul mods are really good and definitely worth playing on pc for

  4. I played the Mass Effect series on PS3 back in the day when the collection was released, it’s a singleplayer so playing with a gamepad is way more comfortable for me. Everyone has different opinions about that,

  5. PC, for sure.

    The reason however is less the control method, and more the content mods, community fixes and high-res texture packs.

  6. Just fyi

    If you have an amd cpu youll run into graphics problems on one planet and during the final missions. Its an easy fix but idk why it wasn’t patched.

    Personally played all 3 with m&k no problems. Personally id pick pc

  7. Used to be uncomfortable with m&k in 3rd person games until I played the first Witcher.. Now it doesn’t really bother me as much as it did.. Try both see what you like the best.. There is an Xbox360 controller mod for ME1 with button prompts.. you should check it out

  8. Personally I thought it was good with mouse and keyboard. It does take a bit to get used to the control scheme, but it’s very smooth once you know what you’re doing.

    Also, on PC you can get higher frame rates of course, and also a lot of graphics and content mods. The content mods are especially relevant in ME3 if you want to use the Extended Galaxy mod or change the shit ending.

  9. PC is great if you use a few quality of life mods. Get the higher res textures, the controller support mod, and for 2 get the skipping the hacking games mod. Other than that Xbox is completely fine, that’s how I originally played through the series.

  10. PC for sure. The controls take a bit to get used to but they’re fine. Everything can be rebound as well.

  11. Depends on if you can handle the frame rate. Its pretty bad. I didn’t know how bad until I switched to PC

  12. It really depends on how badly you want to tweak it.

    ME 1 runs meh at best on XB, decent on PS3, and good on PC IF you add mods to help it get there. There’s even a part later in the game that requires you to have some kind of mod fix so you can actually see your characters.

    Plus if you like to play with a controller, another mod.

    But it’s not too bad. ME2 so far seems good out of the box (minus the controller mod that is very easy to do). Haven’t played 3 yet.

    Bonus for 2 is after playing through the game 4 times I’m damn tired of the mini games and planet scanning. Simple mods make those lame hacks insta-wins, and one probe of a planet gets you all the resources. I’ve done those hundreds of times already and it’s nice to just skip them.

  13. I think PC with an xbox controller is the best option. The 3rd party view felt better that way.

  14. As long as we’re not talking about mods, the it’s more fun to play ME 1/2 is on PC and Beyboard + Mouse while the design leniency makes ME3 more comfortable on Console Controllers (though you can play on PC with Controller plug in).

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