33 thoughts on “R.I.P Sarah Miller”

  1. It’s kinda impressive that they managed to make the player care enough about a character in the span of like an hour or less that they would cry about their death.

  2. The part that sort of got me most was the [Ranch scene ](https://youtu.be/SCGNGWUQEwk)


    Sarah’s loss just didn’t feel personal enough and I also wasn’t invested in the characters yet (much less Sarah). Might also be because I ain’t got a daughter. Heard it has affected fathers on a whole different way than those who aren’t, so..

  3. This one time i was having a really shitty time of it. That weekend i decided that i needed something to cheer me up and escape into a new world. I didn’t want to reach anything i had, especially since i watch mostly serious stuff, so i found this anime on Netflix about kids who play music. That sounded nice. It was not. It was horrible, but i couldn’t stop watching. So many onions were cut that weekend. So. Many. Onions.

  4. This intro was freaking devastating, but the ones that really did it for me were the endings to *To the Moon* and *Spider-Man* PS4.

  5. Jean’s. Didnt play this game, but not being able to win the barn shootout in red dead redemption fuckin hurt bad. Panic attacks followed by deep sadness.

  6. This was the only time I cried playing the The Last of Us. The rest of the game was great, but it never matched the same emotional impact that this scene had. Something about the way Joel sobbed just broke me. Even my non-gamer girlfriend cried.

    The game’s ending was definitely a shocker. It left no doubt that there would be a sequel. I can’t believe it’s been six years now. I had a completely different life back then. So much has changed since the time I first played this game.

    I remember it was 27 gb to download on the PS3, which was huge in 2013. I had to delete a few games to make room for it.

    I’ve played through the game twice, and will probably play a third time before The Last of Us 2 is released.

    It’s still one of the best gaming experiences available in 2019.

  7. It was when he covered his non working watch when lying to ellie at the end

    That’s when I cried

    Fuck man. What a good ass game

  8. This belongs on r/pointlesslygendered.
    I’m a girl. Saw Titanic at the theater. Did not cry. Cried during this Last of Us cut scene.

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