7 thoughts on “R-Type Final 2 Kickstarter is live, funding campaign will last a week”

  1. 61 USD for a physical copy (for consoles) **not including** shipping?!! Also they have craaazy stretch goals and exclusive in-game content (kickstarter exclusive “R-craft” for deep pockets) which is a no-no…

    > We want to allocate enough time and resources to this project. We want to put all our ideas into the game to make it the best possible.


  2. See, this is the kind of thing where i think, this is awesome, i want this to happen, but this also looks so advanced already, they are going to finish it anyway. This is just a fancy pre-order isn’t it?

  3. 500 USD for Original Ships?!? isn’t the whole point of R-Type Final playing old ships with new graphics?

    Seesh. Looks at these. 10,000 USD for more exclusive stuff.

    Edit: Holy fuck. 1,500,000 USD just for a *single* R-Type Leo Stage. That should be enough to fully recreate R-Type Leo in UE4.

  4. Says steam… they must be really aiming for a epic exclusive with how ridiculous the time and stretch goals are.

  5. They gated every R-Fighter behind a $2,500,000 stretch goal when R-Type Final 1 had all fighters included in the game. So basically if this doesn’t reach that stretch goal this game will actually contain less ships available to play even though it’s a sequel.

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