12 thoughts on “Rage 2 or The Division 2?”

  1. Division 2. It was a great playthrough and a great game to play online with friends. I don’t really understand the hate about it not being different enough from the first one. I thought both games were great.

  2. Neither, rage 2 was a monumental boring let down, td2 while a great campaign a decent endgame, if you already have destiny 2, id stick with that for your endgame loot hunting needs

  3. I have no idea why you’re asking. These are two extremely different games. You might as well be a ski g if you should watch The Flash CW show or Avengers Infinity War. Two very different experiences that are only superficially similar.

    Personally I would recommend Division 2, but that’s only because Rage 2 is kind of shit.

  4. Can’t comment on Rage 2, but Division 2 has turned in to one of my regretful purchases this year.

    It looked so great at launch because Anthem was so bad, but now months later with the Anthem colored glasses off it doesn’t hold up very well. The gameplay is extremely boring with little variety and the endgame gets stale quickly.

    If you want an open world shooter similar to TD2, I’d check our Ghost Recon: Wildlands. My friends and I dropped TD2 and have really enjoyed Ghost Recon much more

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