12 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege won’t go free-to-play, Ubisoft R6 Brand Director tells us why”

  1. I’m actually glad. The game can already be pretty cheap to pick up anyway. Well worth the price regardless.

  2. Thank god. The free weekends are unplayable due to the enormous amounts of cheaters.

    Beside this, the payment system of R6 Siege is more than fair. The game costs ~10€ on PC, all new maps are included, all new operators can be unlocked in-game. This is how games-as-a-service should be.

  3. We already have a worrying amount of cheaters on top of people that use exploits in the game as it currently stands.

  4. Why would it go f2p when the game is in a pretty healthy state and the playerbase is more or less stable? Generally speaking you don’t shift your revenue model *while it’s still working*.

  5. No reason to go F2P when you already have the F2P financial model built in (grinding for characters, cosmetic microtransactions) plus an entry fee like a normal game.

  6. Curious what everyone’s opinion is on this topic.

    The most common opinion I’ve seen here regarding League of Legends (a free game) is that it’s Pay 2 Win because you can buy champions or grind a fair amount of time to unlock them.

    Rainbow 6 (a paid game) has the same system. You can grind to unlock all operators but there’s also an option to buy them all. Yet all the comments here are saying that it’s perfectly fair and the game isn’t Pay 2 Win.

    Seems like people are just circlejerking against the evil Chinese LoL because I really don’t see a difference.

  7. Good.

    Developers should stop making paid games go randomly free-to-play. It’s a big fuck you to people who paid money to be able to play the game, moreso to people who paid and didn’t like it.

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