29 thoughts on “Reality’s often disappointing”

  1. Realising you no longer remember the game mechanics or the story. So you start a new game and eventually get bored and stop playing at the exact spot you left it last time. Me with Red Dead Redemption right now.

  2. And this is how I have started over every single Mount & Blade Bannerlord game.

    Load in… giant army on the way to my castle, on some weird quest I’ve forgotten, companions aren’t sorted at all, I can’t remember where all my enterprises are, some lady is pissed at me, and apparently I have no horse…

    Fuck it, let’s just start a new game.

  3. Zelda games are the worst for this. They give you so little information when you come back to an old save. At least the older ones.

  4. This looks like a deep fried meme that someone has salvaged with how shit quality this is. It might as well have been made using cutout magazines

  5. This is how i was with the witcher 3, it took me 90 hours to 100% it and i had to take a 2 week break around 60 to be an actual respectable member of society and so stupid adult stuff.

  6. LoL…i always wanted to complete all the BotW shrines…got to like 101…but then stopped playing for 13 months…now i’m too scared to go back.

  7. I remember loading up Fallout New Vegas and spending an hour trying to work out where I was “living” and kept all my loot. I think it was in the Lucky 38 in the end.

  8. The worst is coming back to a save in EU4 where you were going for a big achievement but the game has updated since and the save no longer works. You can revert to older version but I’ve had issues with that in the past.

  9. This is why I stopped playing JRPGs – I’d get super far into it, have to leave it for awhile & lose completely where I’m ment to be going and what I’m suppose to do. Couldn’t always stomach starting over, to reach a point, leave, etc.etc.

  10. I was in the middle of HZD when RDR2 came out. So I switched over, finished RDR2 and then I realized that I’m going to have to start HZD over again because I don’t remember how to do ANYTHING.

  11. I’ve often wonder why game devs don’t offer a “reminder” version of a saved game, and it showed you screenshots or a “fast forward” version of the game, up until that saved game moment.

    Then I remember, most game devs are at the mercy of their publisher, who only wants money, and doesn’t give a shit about innovative features like that.

  12. It happens to me that I play the F1 games with a wheel setup but since its a process to prepare the setup and everything I just play that game for a while and then stop playing for months because im lazy to prepare the setup again and everything, but when I do its like playing the game for the first time cause I forget how to drive with all assist settings off

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