Do you guys think Playstation will share their Ps4 pro temporal reconstruct technique with PC gamers someday, their “fake 4k” is awfully convincing if you don’t look too hard for the artifacts, I have a 1050ti and its starting to show its age,it would be nice to reconstruct 1080p to a higher Resolution like 1440p and save GPU power, or better cant Nvidia make a similar technique

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  1. Are you talking about Temporal Anti-Aliasing? It’s been in PC games for a while, it’s pretty bad because you’re usually sitting much closer to the screen than with a console so the image looks blurry.

  2. I believe the “checkerboard” rendering techniques that the PS4 Pro uses is dedicated hardware on the console, so unless AMD or Nvidia adds them we can’t use it on PC unless through software.

    >nice to reconstruct 1080p to a higher Resolution like 1440p

    That’s not actually how it works. For most titles the Pro outputs at 1440p, upscaled to 1800p or 4K and temporal AA cleans the image up after.

    I believe a good example on PC is Watch_Dogs 2. If you switch on temporal filtering it does something similar to checkerboard rendering.

  3. Nvidia control panel>manage 3D settings>image sharpening. Enable it and tick the upscaling box. Put game at resolution less than your native resolution. Now this ain’t exactly how they do it, but it just makes the image sharper. Couple that with in game TAA, and it’s should be good. It’s better than just playing a game at 1080p on a native 1440p display.

    You can play a game at 1800p and it’ll look good on a 4K display for example. Also 1080p on a 1440p display.

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