38 thoughts on “Remember Remember the 7th of November”

  1. This is great😄
    Side note: I wish Bioware would just sell the franchise and the source code for the games to a company who will do it justice… I wouldn’t trust them to make a flashlight app for a phone at this point.

  2. Mass Effect 1 – Potential

    Masse Effect 2 – Pefection

    Mass Effect 3 – Cash In, none of your choices mattered, thanks for playing 😉

    Andromeda – EA’d

  3. Mass Effect 1:

    Shepard: “The reapers are coming!”

    Council: “Ah yes, *Reapers*…”

    Mass Effect 3.

    Council: “Shepard help! The reapers are here!”

    Shepard: “Ah, yes …. *Reapers*…”

  4. Mass Effect 1: Good ending, great story, bad gameplay.

    Mass Effect 2: Good gameplay, great ending, bad story.

    Mass Effect 3: Good story, great gameplay, terrible ending.

    (I didn’t play Andromeda)

  5. We’ll, with the next update, you’ll be able to reenact this scenario in Stellaris!

    “Ah yes, *the Unbidden/Contingency*, we’ve dismissed those claims.” – Galactic Council ran by the player, probably.

  6. Is there a way to get these games on the ps4? They were the first video games I ever properly played and I’d love to revisit them

  7. I still recall playing through the first two games right before the final came out. Fond memories of the conspiracies and the indoctrination theory. Cool to see quality memes of it years later, in 2019, when Jeffrey Epstein definitely didn’t kill himself.

  8. Man I still think original ME Trilogy is the best space opera ever made.(Perhaps batter than star wars or trek……….)

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