50 thoughts on “Respect!”

  1. In a related story, National Geographic is looking to interview the man who has $20,000 worth of YuGiOh cards but somehow managed to lose his virginity.

  2. How much money did it cost to get those cards to begin with?

    Also I play Magic the Gathering but not this, so do this cards depreciate in value eventually? Or do people keep them for trophies?

  3. Anyone interested in buying my Magic binder for like 2k? I wanna put my kid through college, and by “put my kid through college,” I mean get a new TV and a new Xbox and pay my parking tickets.

  4. You know your education system is fucked up when you have to shill out 20 grand and that still won’t cover the rest of the 3 years they’ll need

  5. why do people share this like its some great feel good story or something?

    this shows how shitty your education system where people have to give up stuff they value or get stuck with life crippling debt to get an education

  6. and some dads think they are the best just because they bough their kid the new Iphone/Android phone.

  7. “The money reportedly will not be used to enroll his daughter into a prestigious, high-ranking university, but to ensure that she gets accepted into a good kindergarten and has a bright future ahead of her.”

  8. It would have been worth more by now if he just put it in a college savings account in the first place.

  9. What they are costly and can be sold ?

    I have quite a big collection of it and have all the Uber cards from dark magician to the Egyptian god cards

    Can I sell them ?

  10. wait wtf, is Blue eyes actually worth something?

    That card came in every single yu gi oh starter deck when it first came out. I had like 3, and sold them with all my cards for like $110

  11. Im just imagining him drowning in his own tears putting up the terminator “thumbs up” as he succumbs to his woes

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